Partnership with parents

Partnership with parents

PartnershipYou will receive a copy of nursery news from your child’s key-worker every 2 weeks which gives you a full update of what’s been happening in the room over the last few weeks and what things we are planning in the future weeks. This is a great opportunity for you to be involved in your child’s learning as you can practice the songs at home and we also have a lending library for you to borrow books from us for you to enjoy with your child.

You will get a general nursery news update informing of any upcoming events such as charity events, fancy dress days, visitors coming to the nursery such as the fire service and Zoolab visits which is a company that brings in various animals from insects to snakes for the children to look at in a safe controlled environment.

Woodpecker nursery holds parents evenings throughout the year, which is an opportunity for you to discuss your child’s development directly with your child’s key worker.

We carry out annual questionnaires to gain direct feedback from parents/carers and to identify potential areas of improvement within the nursery.

Your child’s next stepsYour child’s next steps report will be sent to you termly for your input, your child’s key worker will prepare a report of the next steps planned for your child.  We ask you to review these next steps and provide us with your comments. We may not observe everything your child is currently doing within their time at the setting, therefore your input is very important so we can work together in partnership in getting the best outcomes for your child. There may be other elements you wish us to focus on with your child, this is your opportunity to let us know so we can factor this into our planned activities with your child at nursery.

Please read link below, which outlines how we as a nursery monitor and access your child’s progress during their time at Woodpecker nursery. Parents’ Guide to the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework

Daily handovers from your keyworkers. When you come to pick up your child from nursery you will receive a full update of what your child has been enjoying at nursery and a general care update.