Our rooms

Our room ages and communication

Owls’ Room: 3 – 18 months

Written daily books are used to communicate with parents, which can either be left at nursery or taken home after each session.  The communication books will have a photograph of your child on the front and it will also be highlighted clearly if your child has any allergies, any special dietary requirements etc.  Within the daily feedback format will be noted:

  • Milk: What time they had a bottle and how much they had.
  • Breakfast/Lunch/Tea: What your child has eaten throughout the day.
  • Nappies: How many nappies were changed during the day, details of whether wet/soiled and what 2 members of staff were present (following our safeguarding procedure of always having 2 members of staff present during nappy changing).
  • Sleep: What time your child slept, and for how long.
  • Update of the day: An update on what adult led activities were planned and out in the morning and afternoon.
  • Child’s interest: What your child was particularly interested in and what they particularly enjoyed doing during their day at nursery.

Penguin Room: 18 – 24 months & Doves Room: 24 – 30 months

These two different rooms follow the same procedure in their handover communication books as outlined in the Owls’ room.  However as your child grows and they become more independent, details will change such as toilet training.

Peacock Room: 30 – 36 months – Woodpecker Room: 3/4 years

The communication books are no longer used for this age group, we still follow the same procedure in the handover to parents/carers in telling you what the adult led activities were throughout the day and sharing information on meal times etc. However, we encourage the children to be part of the communication process to parents/carers, sharing with them what they enjoyed during their day.

In the Woodpecker pre-school room each child has a work book which they fill in themselves both at nursery and at home.  We encourage parents/carers to help them at home with various learning topics such as the phonic letters we are practising that week, various songs, all about me topics etc.