Our Staff


In addition to our staff’s qualifications and experience, they are chosen for their temperament, personality and love of children. They encourage children to take part in activities and are positive about the children’s achievements. Staff will ensure that children treat each other with kindness, consideration and respect.
The nursery Manager is assisted by two Assistant Managers, and practical support and planning is also provided by our full time Early Years Professional (EYP).
Each age-group has its own Room Leader and allocated Senior Nursery Practitioner and Nursery Practitioners. We currently have two apprentices working alongside our team. Our nursery has a nominated SENCO (Special Educational Needs Coordinator) and Equal Opportunities representatives.
Woodpecker nursery provides a professional and supportive environment for staff, encouraging personal development and regular training updates and personal development plans allows us to maintain consistently high standards of care and continuity for your children.
Our full time caretaker ensures that all our site is kept clean and tidy, and is well maintained and cared for.